With a brand new daytime talk show debuting Sept 10, Katie Couric hits Atlanta to go over her future, putting her personal existence on television and why she’s on Pinterest

Prior to Katie Couric’s new ABC/Disney syndicated talk show “Katie” set to debut September 10 at 3 p.m., probably the most recognized media personalities in the world has opted to visit hat-in-hands, market-by-sell to introduce viewers and also the press to her new live topical show. With many systems counting on the greater economically achievable teleconferencing, tweet ups and Facebook fan pages to have their talent while watching media, Katie is kicking it old-fashioned at stops across the nation. On Tuesday throughout a lunch presentation at WSB-TV, Couric presided on the lunch ‘n’ learn focused on “Katie” after which sitting through a number of TV and print interviews with local reporters.

But given what’s on the line and just how the prosperity of “Katie” depends on that two-decade emotional bond with viewers, it seems sensible to place the ridiculously likeable reporter within the room along with other reporters. Within the most creative and lucrative TV deals with the recent past, the previous “Today” and “CBS Evening News” anchor will re-team with Shaun Zucker, the previous NBC question boy who executive-created “Today” through its ratings golden age and throughout the majority of Couric’s reign.

The venerable ABC soap “General Hospital,” lately experiencing a brand new, fun jolt of creative existence (as well as a fortuitously timed uptick in ratings), because of new executive producer Frank Valentini and mind author Ron Carlivati, (former “One Existence to Live” creative team people who’ve lately added a number of Llanview’s most widely used residents for their new Port Charles zipcode) moves to two p.m. and can provide “Katie’s” lead-in. Captured, ABC restored the soap for an additional 2 yrs, making certain it’ll celebrate its 50th anniversary on-air, and nicely deactivating any angry soap fans prepared to stage a social networking campaign crucifying Couric for that daytime drama’s cancellation.

, after finishing a number of TV segments underneath the hot lights in WSB-TV’s Studio A, Couric cracked to WSB gm Tim McVay, “Can we maybe look for a couch somewhere to complete paper interviews? Personally i think like I’m on ‘Face the Nation’ here!” Minutes later, relaxing on McVay’s couch, Couric patted the cushion alongside her and gave Atlanta magazine this exclusive one-on-one Q&A:

Q: You’re most widely known to be part of these legendary TV brands, “Today” and also the “CBS Evening News.” Using the launch of “Katie,” you’re beginning something entirely new and also you literally own the show. How exciting could it be so that you can place your imprint on the new show?

A: It’s my little launch (laughs). It’s exciting. Creatively, it’s thrilling not to have somebody say, “No, we’re not doing that” or “That’s not the way we do things around here.” As someone who’s always were built with a penchant for rule-breaking anyway, it’s great! I recieve to create my very own rules with a small group of people. I recieve to state that anything’s possible. We obtain to create our very own script and also the narrative is ours to produce.

Q: Within this deal, ABC is obtaining probably the most recognizable media figures on tv. Your personality as well as your existence is a critical a part of “Katie.” How’s that downside for you personally, how comfortable are you currently discussing individuals personal facets of your existence understanding that you cannot place a gallon of frozen treats inside your shopping cart software off-screen without someone tweeting about this?

A: I believe I’ve always had the ability to calibrate that in a manner that doesn’t enhance the ick factor an excessive amount of. I’ve never yammered on about my children and my very own personal existence enough where someone desired to place a sock within my mouth. And So I hope I be capable of interject personal things inside a natural, spontaneous method in which doesn’t appear forced or trying way too hard. I believe Used to do that pretty effectively around the “Today” show. I do not mind discussing several things with my audience. For instance, I would love to complete an hour or so on menopause. Why? Because that’s my existence at this time. Each time I change, there’s one more reason that something is going on and individuals say, “Oh, that’s just menopause.” And I’m like, “Why didn’t anybody let me know that?” I’ve always felt when you can get a tv audience and you’ve learned something important, why don’t you share it? That’s the way i felt when my hubby [Jay Monahan] died of cancer of the colon [in 1998]. It had been this awful, awful factor that became of us. But to understand you may be screened with this disease and contains a 92 percent cure rate if detected early and never share that, would certainly be wrong.

Q: Among the distinguishing characteristics of the tenure on “Today” was that mainly in the show’s first hour, you offered as a type of general assignment reporter. Every day, you had been needed to interview various newsmakers who switched in that day’s news cycle. How can individuals encounters which versatility help you while you tackle topical styles on “Katie?”

A: I’ve needed to be a fast study and that’s been part of my skills set. I’m proficient at synthesizing complicated information and which makes it understandable and accessible. I’m also able to switch gears on the cent. I’m also naturally curious and then try to inquire which i think viewers need to know. Some interviewers try to demonstrate just how much they are fully aware about something as well as their questions are interminably lengthy and attracted out. It might be much more about them revealing than about finding details. I believe I’ve learned how you can perform a very good interview at this time. Each interview needs a different approach along with a different tone. Every interview is sort of a meal on its own. You receive different things with every one you need to do and also you approach it differently. I’m wishing my experience can help when i dive in to these topics. Used to do lots of homework on “Today” and many userful stuff here. I believed out, “OK, I’ve 5 minutes, here’s this massive slice of information. Do you know the most significant things I have to get across for viewers?” I’ve be a good editor through the years.

Q: From the perspective, among the wonderful benefits in our media landscape being up-ended recently may be the creativeness which has grown from it when it comes to media contracts. Your cope with ABC/Disney is really a dual deal in which you have your personal syndicated talk show and are generally part of the ABC News team. Similarly, Christiane Amanpour lately inked an offer where CNN and ABC News will literally share her on air. That could have been uncommon a couple of years back. Could it be exhilarating to determine individuals old contract rules being thrown in digital age?

A: The lines have certainly been blurred some of it continues to be for economic reasons. It will provide you with more versatility along with a bigger achieve. For me personally, pairing track of ABC News continues to be invaluable since i possess the support of the network behind me. It’s difficult to do this when you are just available by yourself. I’ve great popularity of Oprah for doing that, to produce this complete network, this complete entity without the advantage of that massive network infrastructure and status.

A: You mention Oprah. Was there a feeling of a relief when she made the decision to retire in the daytime landscape, opening the arena for any show like “Katie?”

Q: Relief is not the best word. It had been the finish of the era. Individuals are usually hyperbolic once they state that however in Oprah’s situation, it had been certainly true. She’d such enormous impact and it was so masterful at doing that demonstrate. However, are you currently kidding? I’d have thought two times about carrying this out and entering this genre if Oprah was still being dominating. The type of show I wish to do is most much like hers. It could have been tough to contend with Oprah.

Q: Social networking. It’s what we should do now. . .

A: Right, whether we love to it or otherwise [laughs].

Q: You’re on Twitter, Pinterest, you possess an Instagram account. At 55, are you currently confident with all of this and get the significance of it?

A: After I what food was in CBS, I leaped in ft first by using it. A primary reason which i was thinking about getting associated with social networking, when lots of my traditional mainstream counterparts weren’t, was which i missed that non-public reference to people. Since I was doing a type of straight newscast, I missed feeling that communal feeling I felt with viewers after i was doing the “Today” show. I needed these to visit a side of me that wasn’t around the evening news. I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s strange on Twitter when individuals can be very nasty for you and rude and that’s type of off-putting at occasions. However the good has certainly outweighed unhealthy. I recall placing a tweet out about my father as he was getting hallucinations as he was sick [Couric’s father, journalist John Couric died at 90 this year following a extended fight with Parkinson’s Disease]. I put something available on Twitter by what he was experiencing and that i got a lot of intriguing and informative tweets from viewers, nurses and ER docs and individuals with aging parents like mine. It helped me stop and realize, “This is indeed a community.” It had been an excellent factor so that you can believe that and experience that.