Hashtag of the season: Atlanta History Center’s #wouldagrammed

20/20 Hindsight: A Brief History Center’s #wouldagrammed

If smartphones existed in older days, would W.T. Sherman have published a go from the ATL in flames? Would patrons of Jacobs’s Pharmacy have clicked their fountain glasses frothing with a brand new beverage known as Coca-Cola? Without a doubt. The following best factor may be the retroscripting through the Atlanta History Center’s savvy social networking team, which posts images in the center’s archive on Instagram with ideal zeitgeisty timing: a go of 1892 trolley construction on Edgewood Avenue just like 2013 streetcar track installation on a single street marks a milestone, for example. But many captivating are everyday glimpses from the city’s past, like dapper 1881 shoppers in a Whitehall Street hat emporium or 1940s passengers dismayed with a wailing infant within the airport terminal terminal.

The way the partner Tweets

Wish to avoid a social networking echo chamber? Lefties: Follow WSB and Fox News personality Erick Erickson. The RedState.com editor in chief leavens right-wing speaking points with tweets on suburban fatherhood, coming to a vitriol go lower easy. For individuals around the right, we endorse James Earl Carter IV, grand son of Jimmy, wrangler of this “47 percent” video, and Atlanta-based political investigator with lightning-fast wit.

Well worth the paywall

We’re still gobsmacked through the AJC’s decision to produce another website instead of strengthen its first. But listed here are three good reasons to cover myAJC.com: Katie Leslie, Greg Bluestein, and Aaron Gould Sheinin. This trio make the shoe-leather reporting that click-bait aggregation won’t ever replace.

Siri, phone home

So that your iPhone “assistant” Siri is voiced by Susan Bennett, an actress who resides in Sandy Springs? “Yes, I be worried about the number of occasions I recieve cursed every single day,Inches she told CNN. Bennett herself never cusses Siri: “Bad karma.”

This short article initially made an appearance within our December 2013 issue.