A preview from the seventeenth annual Pure Heat Community Festival

A minimum of 30,000 attendees will jet set for the seventeenth annual Pure Heat Community Festival, Atlanta’s black gay pride event held at venues over the city. Pure Heat co-coordinator Avian Watson provided a preview.

Didn’t this begin like a barbecue? It began having a small gathering in Piedmont Park. Then nightclubs began sponsoring official black pride parties. It had been a period when Lil Jon would be a prepare and Ludacris would be a DJ at these parties. These were celebrations that defied racial lines and sexual orientation barriers.

Your sponsors include Sam’s Club and MillerCoors. What’s it want to see these mainstream brands aboard? Progress has been made. It’s nice to become known as a voice locally. And ours is really a strong voice. Our individuals will support companies who support equality for everybody.

The big event includes panel discussions. What exactly are very hot topics for 2013? Gay marriage, healthcare benefits, and who could be a beneficiary in your insurance. There exists a transgender health summit. And since Atlanta is really a city where there’s lots of inclusion within the church, we’ll be counting on that expertise. We’ll be tackling such things as, “Yes, your choir director is gay, which shouldn’t be considered a problem.”

This past year, the Pure Heat hair fight am popular it managed to get into a chapter of Oxygen’s Bad Women Club. Could it be coming back? We’ll discover a method to really make it better still and spicier. Topping last year’s event is a fun challenge for all of us!

This short article initially made an appearance within our August 2013 issue.