Infographic during the day: Which way Falcons fans will election

Election Day is about voter groups. The Minority Election. The Women’s Election. Someone apparently has compensated to place up misleading signs to suppress the school Election. But nobody ever discusses the Tailgate Election.

That’s, until Bloomberg Politics became a member of using the Resonate analytics firm to gauge the political leanings of every National football league team’s fanbase. First, the pollsters noted the mentioned party affiliations of voters inside a team’s market they checked the particular voting records of individuals districts. Results produced some mild surprises-supporters around Midwestern metropolitan areas like Indiana, Might, and St. Louis voting Democrat weed-legal hippie haven Denver leaning Republicans. But generally the seaside metropolitan areas went predictably left, while fans within the South have pulled the lever for Republicans. But Falcons fans were split nearer to the center than other regional rivals-laptop computer states Republican Atlanta fans only outnumber the Dems by between – and 10-percent.

Therefore if the Democrats actually want to turn the condition crimson, maybe they ought to start campaigning in the Georgia Dome.

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