Name   Name = TNT’s formula for achievement

When TNT added King & Maxwell to the selection this month, the detective show became a member of two-name titles Rizzoli & Isles and Franklin & Party within our hometown network’s stable of original programming. Here are a few other dual monikers TNT may want to get for future dramas.

Turner & ’Hooch

An Atlanta media tycoon teams track of a gentle-spoken environmentalist in order to save Georgia’s rivers prior to the ATL runs dry. Think Captain Planet-with 99 % less spandex.

HERO & Crash

During the day the dynamic duo handle fender-benders and connect flats, but by night they chase people from the 285 Circle, a quick-dealing organization having a stranglehold around the city.

Falcon & Ice

This unlikely pair increases up in the shadows from the Georgia Dome to consider a little-market football team towards the rafters and beyond. But trouble comes back home to roost when Vick, a troubled figure from Falcon’s past, returns for revenge.

Lucas & Bo

Two Georgia boys make their means by the suburbs while confounding a corrupt sheriff with the aid of family along with a fast vehicle. On second thought, that one may be a little bit greater than the (copyright) law allows . . .