Georgia’s hot, damp, racist, and boring? Many thanks, Google.

A few in the past-eons ago in social networking time-when Facebook was purely the domain of school and-school students, there is just a little feature known as the “honesty box” you can toggle onto solicit feedback by what others really considered you. Because the then-parent of the high-school kid I believed it was particularly cruel. It’s tough enough hearing exactly what the mean women are saying for your face, not to mention what they’ll whisper within the virtual cafeteria.

Well, enterprising blogger Renee DiResta created a twist around the honesty box, tracking stereotypes about each condition by utilizing Google’s search formula. As DiResta explains:

For each one of the fifty states and Electricity, I requested Google: “Why is [Condition] so ” and allow it to autocomplete. It appeared as an ideal question to access popular assumptions, since “Why is [Condition] so X?” presupposes that X holds true.

Oh, the heck with methodology. Exactly what do people consider US?

Based on DiResta’s findings (that are plotted on the nifty interactive map), everybody really wants to know why Georgia is (a) so hot (b) so racist (c) so boring and (d) so damp.

New You are able to, however, is “great,” “populated,” “expensive,” and “big” while Colorado, the mean-girl Queen Bee from the states, is “cold,” “awesome,” “healthy,” and “skinny.”

Well, a minimum of Georgians can, of course, take schadenfreud-y security in searching to the neighbors like Mississippi (“poor, racist, backwards”), Florida (“weird, trashy”) and Tennessee (“fat, stupid”).

>> Click the link to understand more about DiResta’s map and analysis of her findings.