Video during the day: Andre 3000 as Jimi Hendrix

This summer 8, 2014Rebecca BurnsComments

Plot facts are hazy, to say the least, within the trailer for Jimi: All Is as simple as My Side, the Hendrix biopic starring Andre Benjamin of Outkast, also known as Andre 3000. But here’s what you could glean: Occur groovilicious 1966 London, the film concentrates on the first times of Hendrix’s career, which obviously incorporated an intimate entanglement having a youthful British lady, performed by Imogen Poots. (That’s the most British name ever it may sound just like a tertiary Harry Potter character, among the Hufflepuff quidditch players, maybe.)

The Hendrix estate didn’t license the background music, therefore it all seems like Hendrix, however , isn’t.

What really matters is the fact that Benjamin looks incredibly awesome because he channels Hendrix. Also, he states “cool.” A great deal. You never know when the movie is going to be worthwhile, however for my money, no living person states “cool” as coolly as Benjamin.

The film is scheduled for release September 26, or yesterday Outkast’s three-day concert series in Atlanta.