What’s been filming in Atlanta: The fifth Wave, Ant-Man, Vacation, and much more

It’s time once more for an additional filming update! You’ve seen the twelve signs, you’ve wondered what’s blocking the roads, and you’ve sworn there was once a couple of more trees while watching old Georgia Archives building. This month: Ant-Man sign info, the next YA trilogy-switched-movie obsession, and much more.

Among the signs you will be seeing for the following handful of several weeks, “Sheldrake” points to another publish-apocalyptic YA series, The fifth Wave. The video focuses on Cassie Sullivan (Atlanta native Chlo? Elegance Moretz) attempting to survive against waves of alien invasions which have previous incorporated EMPs, Rods from God, modified Ebola, and mind-controlled humans. Filming started a couple of days ago, and already the development team provides shop in a number of metro Atlanta locations. Signs happen to be spotted near Atlantic Station and directing crew to nearby Ansley Park where a number of neighborhood settings happen to be shot. Crews were also seen OTP near Berkeley Lake, as well as in late October, there is a basecamp placed in Little Five Points for filming at Candler Park. Search for additional The fifth Wave stars Maggie Siff, Liev Schreiber (who may also be shooting Deathless around the following month), and Ron Livingston for the following couple of several weeks.

Recently, the following installment from the Marvel film world, Ant-Man (Production code: Bigfoot), grew to become the very first film to become shot in the recently built Pinewood Studies near Peachtree City. We’re now beginning to determine location shoots, particularly in the old Georgia Archives building, that is waiting in for that comic’s Pym Industries. You might have heard the production’s become into some local trouble after it had been reported they removed some magnolia trees there. Regardless of the debate, this was okayed through the city included in the filming permit process, production continues uninterrupted. For just about any upset former city arborists/ewoks/fans of trees: The Ant-Man production has replanted the magnolia trees in a new location, will plant brand new ones at Oakland Graveyard, and can restore trees towards the front from the building when production wraps.

If you’ve happened upon a cornucopia of 120-year-old design, clothing, and technology, you haven’t activated Atlanta’s mysterious wormhole in to the past or mistaken a MARTA station for any TARDIS, but rather found sets for Bolden! (Production code: Cornet). Since couple of substantiated information on Charles “Buddy” Bolden’s existence are known, the video is going to be told inside a mythical fashion. The majority of what we should can say for certain about his existence originates from the wealthy dental history surrounding Bolden. Crews happen to be spotted in Midtown as lately because this past weekend, Grant Park, and also at the Goat Farm Arts Center.

“TVM” signs for Complications, a brand new Tv show for USA Network, happen to be spotted along Marietta Street, downtown Douglasville, as well as in Kirkwood. Additional filming has had place at St. Frederick Hospital. The show stars Jason O’Mara as John Ellison, a suburban ER physician whose existence is forever altered after intervening inside a drive-by shooting and saving a boy’s existence. The series concentrates on Ellison’s decision to help keep the little one protected from future attacks. As this is a brand new show, we won’t know simply how much more is going to be shot around following the initial order finishes. When the show is really a success, search for more “TVM” signs within the coming several weeks.

We’ve also seen signs for SundanceTV’s The Red Road (RR2) season 2. The show was filming in Conyers in addition to near South Marietta Parkway and Forces Ferry Road. Vacation (Stretch 29), which we spoken about recently, continues to be shooting near Georgia Tech as well as in areas in nearby Midtown. Constantine (1159) is constantly on the film a couple of scenes downtown as well as in Old 4th Ward, Hindsight (20/20) was at Marietta square, and Red Band Society (Sea) required an uncommon trip outdoors from the Woodruff Arts Center to shoot at No Más! Cantina in Castleberry Hill.

Moving forward, you may place signs for that Vampire Diaries (LOC) or even the Originals (Bonanza) in Covington. The following month, The Ring 3 goes begin filming at East Mountain Studios near Conyers and also the Nice Guys (Misty) brings Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe to town.

Lastly, Atlanta’s proud tradition of pretend production signs keeps growing. Signs for example “Titanic 2: We Fixed It” and “Gone Using the Wind 2: Mammy’s Revenge” were spotted around recently. The perpetrator even announced the work around the Atlanta subreddit, but has since deleted the publish. What we should can say for certain is the fact that these signs are unrelated towards the “Star Wars 7” and “Serenity 2” signs of history the Reddit publish claimed the approaching signs were the very first within the artist’s series. Can we see more? We’re unsure, but because lengthy because these absurd premises aren’t converted to real films which will noisally help remind everybody that they are “made in Georgia,” we’ll chuckle.