The Way We Rank: Study states Georgia is tenth worst in quality of existence

If you are attempting to maintain positivity on the grey and wet Monday, this most likely isn’t likely to help. The financial news and opinion website Wall St. 24/7 lately rated Georgia as tenth worst condition when it comes to quality of existence. The storyline took it’s origin from data in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, including earnings, education, safety, and ease of access to services. Georgia was pulled lower by its low employment rate (64.7 %-tenth cheapest), scant household disposable earnings per person ($26,426-13th cheapest), along with a greater homicide rate (5.7-13th greatest).

Seven from the ten worst states have been in the South, including No. 1 Alabama with no. 2 Mississippi. So clearly, the rankings don’t factor nfl and college football success along with quality of existence and therefore are therefore moot.

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