Following a cruise with Hug, Ledfoot Deliverer is able to bring the Hurt tonight

Eyeballing Ledfoot Messiah‘s 2012 itinerary, it’s clear to see why iPhone-clad kids in burgeoning garage bands instruct Siri to call them “Rock God.” This month, the Atlanta rock quintet gigged around the Hug Kruise using the legendary act, tonight in the Highlander on Monroe Drive, this guitar rock band will formally release its completely new (making-your-ears-bleed brilliant!) album, “Finding What Hurts” and they’ll ring in 2013 with a brand new Year’s Eve appearance in the Clermont Lounge supplying the musical backdrop for any Blondie poetry studying/beer can crushing.

But behind the curtain, the rock veterans – singer/guitarist Shaun Langston, guitarists Tommy Collins and Cotton Langston, bassist J.J. Chance and drummer/manager Mike Roberts – combine a century price of experience of the background music biz, a damned impressive assortment of L’ensemble des Pauls and Marshall stack amps and a few hard-bitten existence training that offered as lyrical styles for “Hurts.” Songs around the album include tracks with titles including “Belly Up,” “Dread of Light” and “Dust of Dead Weight.”

“There’s lots of dark subject material during these songs without a doubt,” Roberts explained Thurs .. “These songs have to do with the more dark side of existence, sturdy the painful side of existence and with loss. We’re old [expletive]ers, too. I’m the youngest one out of this guitar rock band and I’m 38. So it’s an archive regarding your existence and just what you have been doing within the last two decades and seeking to operate everything out. The title track, actually, is all about an individual who would rather live in that darkness. It is also about this pat around the back and telling someone, ‘It’s likely to be OK.’”

The people in Ledfoot Deliverer also absorbed some existence training in durability this month once they boarded the Hug Kruise II in Miami using the constitute adorned “Rock n Roll All Nite” rockers along with a boatload of middle-aged Hug Army fanboys. Recounts Roberts: “We’re speaking about guys with full-on back tattoos of Gene [Simmons], Paul [Stanley], Peter [Criss] and Ace [Frehley]. We walked in to the merch shop there was one little table which had merch in the 11 other artists around the cruise and all of those other room was only Hug merchandise. We couldn’t even start to calculate the thousands and thousands of dollars of merch just travelling us around the ship. There have been people outfitted in Hug compensate for the whole cruise.”

While Collins and Langston enlisted within the Hug Army in a youthful age, Roberts was less impressed as he happened onto Simmons along with a flurry of fans onboard. “I came nearby going to a health club and saw him with this particular growing quantity of fans throughout him,” he states. “I just squeezed past them. As you may imagine, a fitness center wasn’t typically the most popular area of the boat on the Hug Kruise with a lot of pasty white-colored dudes aboard. The people in Hug had their very own suite on top of the boat using their own pool. Unless of course there is an admirer event, you didn’t really discover their whereabouts around.”

After five lengthy many years of recording, Roberts is searching toward playing the tunes off “Finding What Hurts” love fans tonight. “This record is really a hell of a lot fun to experience live,” he explains. “People call me as much as play side gigs here but there’s nothing that kicks my ass like Ledfoot Deliverer. That wall of seem from three guitarists and all sorts of individuals Marshalls just washes over you. It’s an enormous attack, really.”

Tonight’s record release gig represents a brand new first for Ledfoot Deliverer too.

“Every dollar the band has available has always gone into the recording process because we’ve been creating a record within the last 5 years,Inches Roberts states. “For the very first time on Friday night, the gig money will not be going toward it fund.”

Therefore The Highlander kitchen staff can anticipate a sizable publish-gig order of Tater Tots in the boys in Ledfoot Messah? “No, man,” Roberts laughs. “We’re going straight for that stroganoff. The beef stroganoff in the Highlander rules.”

Fans can follow Ledfoot Deliverer around the band’s Facebook page and get more information about tonight’s album release party through the Highlander’s website.