Festival style from TomorrowWorld

Lorraine, from Dominican Republic

All photographs by Mary Logan Bikoff

Neil, from Vancouver, Bc, Canada

Luis and Laima, from Brooklyn

Charles, from Liberia via Charlotte now, New York

Joe and Cassie, from El Paso, Texas

Erin, from Dallas

Sanders, from Atlanta

Leah and Joe, from Charlotte now, New York

Milica, from Australia

Dancing footwear

Abi, from Kenya

Lucy, from Greensboro, New York

Genoveva, from Mexico City

Andy, from Baltimore, and Wini, from Columbia, Sc

Stephany and Ipathia, from New You are able to

Anthony, from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Max, from Richmond, Virginia

Kyle, Sean, and Ian, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Guys, from Belgium via Chicago

Phil, from Nj

Chris and John, from New You are able to

Michael, from Atlanta

Kelly, from Atlanta

Polo, from Mexico

Mihoko and friend, from Japan

Jill and Megan, from Boston

TommorowWorld, the U.S. brother or sister to Belgian music festival Tommorowland, made its debut in a horse farm south of Atlanta a week ago. The big event came an believed 50,000 revelers each day, attracted through the 300 artists and fantastical stage settings. But festivalgoers placed on a motion picture that belongs to them, in looks that ranged from unique to scandalous. Here’s a sampling of a lot of our favorite looks.