Michael Lake finally has his day in the court

It’s most likely reliable advice that being an inmate, Michael Lake didn’t lie in the Cobb City jail cell for over a year longing for spending his first full day like a free man alone within the Cobb County courthouse.

But after 19 several weeks of incarceration without bond, the psychologically ill former Smyrna resident finally got his day in the court yesterday-to contest the renewal from the 2011 protective order he allegedly violated that arrived him in prison to begin with. And in the witness stand, Lake-that has been identified as having a kind of Obsessive-compulsive disorder known as “overvalued ideation”-faced the lady that he’s been obsessed since junior full of Maine.

“She was once my mate,Inches stated Lake, identifying Leslie in the behest of her attorney, Alex Manning. “Over time it ended…I haven’t received closure.”

Leslie’s tears and sobs from her seat behind the complainant’s table indicated otherwise. And also over the forty-minute testimony, Manning and co-counsel Carol Hughes labored to exhibit there never was any friendship which within the last two decades, Lake has harassed Leslie and her family online. “You broke me, Leslie,” stated Lake, studying in the email that spurred the first protection order. “Therefore you’re billed with putting it together again.Inches

Regardless of the brief courtroom drama, the majority of the action happened behind the curtain because the two sides spent almost ten hrs-until right before 7 p.m.-attempting to hash out a consent order. The tall, lean Lake, whose old navy pinstripe suit hung from the body which has lost forty pounds in prison, paced the marble hallways as his attorney, Cynthia Counts, fought against to have an agreement that will keep your two apart while protecting Lake’s freedom of speech and acknowledging that Lake has been doing nothing legally wrong. The indictment that put him in prison for irritated stalking according to mailing Leslie something copy of his benefit of the first protective was tossed out with a Cobb County judge in June the rest of the warrants against him were ignored by prosecutors on Monday. “There’s pointless his freedom ought to be restricted,” states Counts.

But to Leslie’s lawyers, Lake has still proven an abnormal pattern of obsession and it is a possible threat for their client. “We have no idea what he’s likely to do,” states Hughes. “But the very best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.”

Since no agreement was arrived at, Superior Court Judge George Kreeger ongoing the hearing until This summer 30.

Meanwhile, Lake’s mother, Mary, and the sister, Michele, who spent all day every day sequestered on hallway benches as potential witnesses, lunching on vending machine peanuts and cookies, finally reached take Michael the place to find Maine, where he’ll prepare for the following hearing and the mother is “going to fatten him up.”